This camp has a clear and simple purpose. That is to help you to understand the practice of sadhana and to achieve better concentration and rapid progress in your practice. The camp is not a usual retreat program. The entire program is designed just for one purpose…deep and sublime sadhana.

Classes will feature useful and practical ideas for success in sadhana. You will learn how to better integrate spiritual life into your busy daily life. We also have formal yoga asana practice, and in certain camps we have sessions on natural therapies, all for a healthy life. This camp is not about philosophy. This camp is all about practice.

Each day will have different group activities designed to increase understanding of yourself and have great fun along the way. There will be some surprises, just to keep your attention sharp. So you can be sure of having a wonderful time. You can be sure to return home with a bright mind and new understanding.

Seven Day Intensive Sadhana Development Camp is a special meditation retreat conducted for members of Ananda Marga since 2006. For more information on other activities, meditation centres, and international disaster relief activities of Ananda Marga, please go to our websites: and

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